Please note that MusiBit is currently under testing.

We intend to regularly add new features and enhancements during the beta period and beyond, and we welcome your feedback and inputs.

Music Lovers finally have a solution for discover Classical Music

Based in Madrid DigiBit was founded in 2007 being one of the first European companies developing computer audio.

DigiBit´s goal is to provide music lovers without much computer skills all the advantages that bring digital music technologies, but in a simple way and hassle-free.

DigiBit has spent a great effort and creativity in formulating the specifications required to satisfy classical music lovers. After a significant effort and with the help of musicologists, we now have the most advanced and unique Classical Music Database in the world – SonataDB – of classical CDs perfectly tagged with up to 18 fields of metadata information and with cover art. No other database provider can today match the quality, accuracy and quantity of perfectly tagged classical music with extended fields of information.